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The CRM Software REPORT | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the primary criteria by which CRM software manufacturers are compared?

The manufacturer and product evaluation criteria vary dependent upon the CRM software category being reviewed. See the criteria for each software segment in the report.

Are CRM software publishers included in more than one category if they deliver software within multiple categories (e.g. hosted and on-premise)?

Each software manufacturer may be eligible for multiple products solutions and/or delivery options (such as hosted software and on-premise software). However, to date, a single software solution has not been recognized in more than one Top 5 list.

When will the next version of CRM software REPORT be released?

New version are generally released in the first calendar quarter of each year. Check back periodically. New version announcements will be posted on the web site home page.

Do CRM start-ups ever make it to the Top 5 list?

Start-ups and all CRM software manufacturers are eligible, however, to date no start-ups have made a Top 5 list.

Do you review other business applications besides customer relationship management software? If so, what applications?

We review CRM software applications and related or ancillary applications.


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